Did you know that renovations of BAADER machines provide on average a 1% additional yield?

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Petur Larsen delivers all fully renovated machines with a warranty

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The brands that we represent all live up to the high standards we require of ourselves.

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We have BAADER spare parts in stock, also for older machines

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"During a year, we produce 6,000 tons of fish. The cost of the services provided by Petur Larsen is well spent because it is paramount to us that we get the best possible yield, and the fish is well cut and presentable."
Tórálvur Jacobsen, Chief Engineer, PRG
"It is critical for us that our BAADER filleting machines are performing at their best since each dividend yield is of great importance to our final financial results. I have been working with Atli Larsen, Chief BAADER Service Engineer at Petur Larsen, since 1997. My experience is that Atli is the most proficient BAADER Service Engineer in Scandinavia."
Jens Pauli Petersen, CEO, Faroe Origin


Fully refurbished Baader 189 & 51 to USA

Fully refurbished Baader 189 & 51 to USA

We have just shipped a BAADER 189 filleting machine and a BAADER 51 skinning machine to a customer in the USA. ...

Offering even better quality and BAADER service

Johnny is smiling and greeting me politely when I enter his room. This office - in the middle of our storage facility where...

Proper BAADER renovation, the Petur Larsen way

Did you know that Petur Larsen delivers all completely renovated machines with a warranty? We offer this service because ...



  • Álvur is mounting a electric board into a BAADER 189

BAADER 189 and BAADER 51 made ready for customer in USA

Today, Leif, Kristian Martin and Álvur are about to be done with refurbishing this BAADER 189 filleting machine. Later this week, this machine is wrapped up and safely stored in a container on its way ...