"It is critical for us that our BAADER filleting machines are performing at their best since each dividend yield is of great importance to our final financial results. I have been working with Atli Larsen, Chief BAADER Service Engineer at Petur Larsen, since 1997. My experience is that Atli is the most proficient BAADER Service Engineer in Scandinavia."
Jens Pauli Petersen, CEO, Faroe Origin
"During a year, we produce 6,000 tons of fish. The cost of the services provided by Petur Larsen is well spent because it is paramount to us that we get the best possible yield, and the fish is well cut and presentable."
Tórálvur Jacobsen, Chief Engineer, PRG

Quality machine parts

Delivering Dependable and Efficient Machinery

BAADER, Mosca, EUSKAN+ + and Fomaco. These are the brands we sell and service. Petur Larsen and these brands have one thing in common. We all believe in providing you high quality and durable products.

Our top priority is and will always be improving and further developing our high-quality standards.
Choosing Petur Larsen gives you the advantage of being in the hands of highly skilled professionals that never will settle for mediocrity.

Your Advantages when Choosing Our Brands

  • Peace of mind knowing your machinery is robust and thoroughly tested before being installed.
  • Used machinery can be delivered with warranty.
  • Access to highly skilled professional engineers.

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Hjalti Lundsbjerg
Hjalti LundsbjergSales Manager



  • Álvur is mounting a electric board into a BAADER 189

BAADER 189 and BAADER 51 made ready for customer in USA

Today, Leif, Kristian Martin and Álvur are about to be done with refurbishing this BAADER 189 filleting machine. Later this week, this machine is wrapped up and safely stored in a container on its way ...

BAADER 434 Heading Machine Repaired

Today Jan N Olsen and Álvur Jøkladal have been busy fixing a BAADER 434 heading machine. The machine is used at the production facilities, Bakkafrost, Glyvrar. All parts needing renovations were taken off the machine ...

BAADER Service Engineer visiting in Greenland

This summer has not been a quiet one for Petur Larsen. During July the two BAADER engineers, Atli Larsen and Rajmund Marcinowicz, have been on a regular maintenance task in Greenland. This tour is due ...

Petur Larsen doing maintenance work at Faroe Origin

Last week, Atli and Jan assembled A BAADER 189 where serval parts have been repaired and restored. The work was done while the factory was shut down due to the summer holiday. The BAADER 189 ...

Maintaining a BAADER 189

As a part of our service agreement offer - a product available for all our customers - our service engineer, Jan N. Olsen, is currently doing maintenance work on a BAADER 189. The timing is ...