• BAADER Service in Qasigiannguit

During May, Jan N. Olsen travelled to Qasigiannguit in Greenland to do maintenance work on a BAADER 189 and a BAADER 417 at a local fish factory. Travelling in Greenland can have its challenges, and this time around was no exception. Due to heavy fog, Jan had to wait in Illulisat a whole day until he was able to reach Qasigiannguit.


Maintenance work on  BAADER 189

Short after arrival, Jan was working on the BAADER 189 removing all knives, insertion flaps, left-hand lever, upper spinal cord lining, lock for knife shafts and so forth. The procedure Jan carried out in Qasigiannguit is a common way of working when we do maintenance work. Doing maintenance work on a remote place as Qasigiannguit has some challenges.


We always prepare before leaving our base by making sure that all spare parts that we know need replacement are available at the destination when we arrive. However, it is not possible to prepare for everything since we don’t have the full overview until we have done a thorough inspection of the machine.  On this visit, Jan discovered that a bushing, shaft and pressure bearings for the separator head on the BAADER 189 needed replacement. We had not planned for these items to be substituted at this time, so the spare parts were ordered, and the machine was assembled so we wouldn’t stop the production any further.


Maintenance work on the BAADER 417

Getting this machine back on track was much quicker compared to the BAADER 189. Jan had to change plastic rolls, adjust the belt and knives. Besides these, there were some bushes and a spring that needed to be replaced.


After Jan was done with is work, he spent a Sunday enjoying the beautiful nature in Greenland before he left on a plane back home to Petur Larsen.