• Álvur is mounting a electric board into a BAADER 189

Today, Leif, Kristian Martin and Álvur are about to be done with refurbishing this BAADER 189 filleting machine. Later this week, this machine is wrapped up and safely stored in a container on its way to a customer in the USA. It is the second shipment to this client containing a BAADER 189 filleting machine and a BAADER 51 filleting machine. The two sets of BAADER 189 and 51 will – once installed in the factory – be thoroughly examined and trimmed by Atli Larsen, Chief BAADER engineer at Petur Larsen.

Today, however, the job of refurbishing is left to three other experienced engineers, who carefully assemble this machine. All crucial parts are either refurbished or replaced by new parts.

Best filleting machine on the market

There is no doubt that the BAADER 189 is one of the best filleting machines on the market considering the price and flexibility the machine offers. There are not many machines available that can handle such a large variety sizes while maintaining a high yield. The simplicity of the machine is what makes this machine a true classic.

A durable skinning machine

The BAADER 51 skinning machine is a workhorse that keeps on delivering. The BAADER 51 is a model that has its origin in the 70’ies. Even though, this model can still compete with other more modern machines, which also makes this a genuine classic.

Watch while the machines were tested before shipped to USA