• Doing BAADER Service in Maniitsoq

A BAADER service agreement is one of off those products that works extremely well for our customers and ourselves as well. With a service agreement, we commit to servicing our customer’s machinery making sure that their machines are checked on a regular basis, which means minimising production stops and maintaining a high yield. For us, it is an advantage because our resources can be planned.


During May, Atli and Jan paid a fish factory in Maniitsoq a visit as a part of a regular service check commitment. At the factory, they inspected and maintained a BAADER 192, BAADER 189, BAADER 601 and three BAADER 417. Typically, each visit begins with a briefing from the local engineer at the factory. The visit in Maniitsoq was no exception. Atli and the local engineer agreed on start looking at the BAADER 192, which needed some adjustments.


Maintaining a BAADER 192

On this machine, the customer had an issue with too many bones on the fillet. After inspection, Atli made adjustments on some timers, corrected the conveyor chains, fine-tuned a pressure drum and knife spacing. Some parts needed to be replaced and others were repaired.


This machine is used to fillet Cod, and due to the fact, that the cod they were running through the machine was small and lean, a lot of trimming was in need, since the BAADER 192 isn’t ideal for running these sizes. However, after Atli had spent a couple of hours on the machine, the fillets were looking great, and the yield was optimised. As a part of our service, Atli spent time with the local engineers teaching them how to trim the machine for various sizes of fish.


Maintaining a BAADER 189

This machine did need a lot of work. The knives weren’t sharp enough, and at a closer inspection we found out that the saddles were located too low, which was the reason the knives were blunt. Second up were the transport teeth on the saddles that were worn out too much. Since the machine had to be in production while the saddles were fixed, we only did one saddle at the time. This was done by unmounting a single saddle, do the repair work and then mount it back on the machine and go on with the next saddle. Working like this is time-consuming, but eventually, Jan who did this tedious task was done. Otherwise, there was several small adjustments and replacements of parts.


Maintaining a BAADER 601

The BAADER 601 is a mincing


Maintaining a BAADER 417

These three machines needed the same kind of service. We got rid of all screens, knives, nylon steering wheels and cover for the blades. Successively these were fitted with new knives, adjusted for height and distance the angle of the blades was adjusted as well as other adjustments.




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