• Sólbjørn Fríði Olsen, Electrical Engineer

Newsletter 13.03.2022


Exciting innovative times ahead in the fish processing industry 

Sólbjørn Fríði Olsen joined Petur Larsen in February 2021. Having recently finished his degree in civil engineering, specializing in automation and robotics and learning that Petur Larsen was spearheading development and innovation in the Faroese fish processing industry, Sólbjørn Fríði seized the opportunity to be part of Petur Larsen’s exciting journey 


Now Sólbjørn Fríði Olsen finds himself in the crucible of change in the historical halls of Bacalao on the West Harbour of Tórshavn, where his education, skills, and know-how are being put to the test. Because P/F Barðið, a company located on the ground floor, has decided that Petur Larsen must take them to the next level in terms of technology and automation. 


Sólbjørn Fríði and his colleagues at Petur Larsen have set up a robot solution, which places fish boxes on pallets based on a barcode reader. Petur Larsen has also installed new conveyor belts that lead the boxes from the grader to the robot, and a collection station where the boxes are placed, ready for the robot to pick up.  


The solution moves boxes faster, more efficiently and precisely and Barðið employees no longer have to carry out the repetitive and physically demanding heavy lifting. 


Sólbjørn Fríði is in charge of programming and using the robot, as well as troubleshooting, while his Petur Larsen colleagues take care of the electrical work and metalwork. 


Petur Larsen the ideal employer 

Sólbjørn Fríði Olsen had been aware of Petur Larsen for several years, often checking the company out at JobMatch events on the Faroe Islands when he was an undergraduate. He was interested in the company because it worked with fish processing machinery and solutions. 


I reasoned that if there were machines then these must have some kind of controls. And that was a good fit for me, said Sólbjørn Fríði Olsen.  


As it turns out, innovative Petur Larsen and enthusiastic Sólbjørn Fríði’s were a perfect match, and the timing could not have been better. Because, while Sólbjørn Fríði was about to finish his degree, developments at Petur Larsen were accelerating. 


We established a Research and Development Department, because we could see huge potential in digital solutions and improvements to the machinery used in the fish processing industry, said Rógvi Róin, CEO at Petur Larsen. 


This decision has already yielded returns – the R&D department has already produced many innovative solutions for an otherwise conservative industry. One of them is Data Kit, a digital solution, that measures electricity and water usage, and tracks the number of fish, fish type, run time, etc.  


We are developing solutions that help our clients save on their electricity and water consumption, while getting efficiency gains, said Rógvi Róin.  


Since joining the R&D department at Petur Larsen in 2021, Sólbjørn Fríði Olsen has immersed himself in the new Petur Larsen systems and solutions, including the new fish filleting machine, Data Kit, and Fisheye, a new service portal for Petur Larsen clients.  


Sólbjørn Fríði has never doubted he made the right decision. He has joined a company that is helping to ensure the future of the fish processing industry at a time of exciting and innovative technological development. 


As of right now, the major players in the industry are in an intense and tight race to bring the newest, exciting technology to the market – making it a very exciting time for us who are delivering solutions, said Sólbjørn Fríði Olsen. 


The Petur Larsen R&D department currently has five employees and Sólbjørn Fríði knows those numbers are set to grow as the company will continue to be a leading player in exciting technological innovation and development in the fish processing industry for years to come. 


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