The BAADER engineers are gathering their tools getting ready to leave. Their job is done. Your machines are now performing better, and your yield just went up a notch. You are already looking forward to the meeting next week. Can you imagine the reactions when you present to the C-suite the improved efficiency and increased yield?

The above scenario is not uncommon after a service work made by the Petur Larsen group. Moreover, it makes perfectly good sense, because we want you to do better. When we visit a fish-processing factory, our primary goal is making sure that you are better off than when we arrived.

Significantly improved fish yield

On our last visit in the USA, we visited SouthFresh Aquaculture in Alabama. Here we did maintenance and service work on a couple of BAADER 184 filleting machines. As always, our BAADER engineer thoroughly inspected every machine, and diligently found solutions to all the issues that needed to be taken care of. It is understood that we were proud of the result, but do not take our word for it.

“We have had a great experience with Atli Larsen, and highly recommend him and the Petur Larsen group. The BAADER machine service provided has significantly improved our fish yield, efficiency and processing performance. “Justin Funk, CFO at SouthFresh Aquaculture.

Take advantage of our knowledge

We offer you 47 years of accumulated experience and a well-established work ethic. Furthermore, we do commit to helping you achieve a higher yield and increased performance. This is what we have done at SouthFresh Aquaculture, and we can do the same for you.

Book a visit from one of our senior BAADER engineers who will take a good look at your production facility. When the inspection is done, the senior consultant will present you with an overview of how we can make your machines perform better.

Let us do it

Contact us today, and we will get back to you to find a date when we can visit you.



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