Since the company was founded in 1971, many used BAADER machines in a bad shape have been handed to us, which we have restored and returned to the market as reborn machines ready for a new life in production. After all, refurbishing used BAADER machines is what we do best.

The shoemaker’s children go barefoot

Being focused on delivering the best service for our customers, you easily become unaware of your needs. At least we did. However, we have finally got around directing some of our attention to ourselves and are now returning with a new strategy and a refurbished identity.

We want you to do better

We have sharpened our focus and are directing all our effort making sure that you will do better when choosing our products and services. For ourselves, this means that we only do work that is within our core area, which is the fishing industry. In other words: We want you to do better.

Refurbished identity

With our renewed strategy, we also have a new visual identity to match the changes. Eyðun Eliasen, architect at EYA, has designed our new logo. The process began in the last months of 2015 when Rógvi Róin, CEO at Petur Larsen, approached Eyðun and asked if he was up to the job. Eyðun took the challenge and arranged a session with the management of the company so he could better understand the core values of the enterprise.

Some of the core values that Eyðun brought from the workshop were trust, craftsmanship, precision and quality.

Eyðun Eliasen has designed our new logo

Eyðun Eliasen has designed our new logo

Eyðun Eliasen says that it was a challenge building a logo for a company that works with heavy machinery but still requires precision down to the millimetre when doing maintenance work. Additionally, Eyðun wanted to make a logo that gave the impression of being made of a real material that you can hold in your hand.

The new logo


The new logo made from steel at our workshop

The logo uses the initials of the founder of the company, Petur Larsen. It has a 3D shape and is designed like a piece of metal that has been carefully cut to make the letters P and L. The colours used are white, grey and blue, depicting the colours of metal and the ocean.

Rógvi Róin, CEO at Petur Larsen, says that the new brand identity is a clear signal that the company has a new strategy with a laser sharp focus. In everything we do, we want you to do better.




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