• Auction Machines

    Auction Machines

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  • Baader


    BAADER machinery is synonym with quality. Our 40+ years of experience with BAADER machinery shows that BAADER machines keep on working if maintained correctly. We are servicing machines that were made in the 70s that…

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  • Fomaco


    Fomaco was founded in 1976 as a trading and manufacturing company, providing machinery and equipment for the food processing industries. Based on development, production, and selling of reliable quality food processing machinery, our company saw…

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  • Euskan++


    Euskan produces one of the best Vacuum Systems for pumping of fish - captured as well as live fish - available on the market. A Euskan vacuum system is gentle and does fast handling of…

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  • Mosca


    The Mosca strapping machine is a highly developed and well-functioning machine compared to other strapping machines in the market. The Mosca strapping machine is stainless and straps at a very high speed. In short: a…

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  • Made by Petur Larsen

    Made by Petur Larsen

    Our large and well-equipped workshop and storage facility is ideally situated by the harbor in Fuglafjørður. We can therefor handle everything from regular smith's work to large scale projects. In order for us to deliver…

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  • Cozzini


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