Auction bundle: BAADER 166 and BAADER 184

BAADER 166 Whitefish Gutting Machine

This BAADER 166 is a whitefish gutting machine, that operates within the range of smaller whitefish from abt. 35 to 70 cm in total length (= 0.5 to 2 kg). The machine processes throat cut, and non-throat cut fish. The fish is sprinkled by spray nozzles during the gutting process, leaving the fish clean once the process is done.

Operator requirements 1 person
Throughput rate 25, 35 or 40 fish/min
Power consumption 2 kW
Water consumption abt. 25 l/min
Dimensions abt. 1.40 x 1.20 x 1.80 m
Weight abt. 650 kg net and 920 kg gross (incl. accessories)


  • The machine is sold as is based on the sales pictures.
  • One of our BAADER service engineers will ALWAYS have inspected the machine in order to assess its condition and check that it’s running. The customer must pay travel costs and as well as the cost of hourly wages.



BAADER 184 Whitefish Filleting Machine

This machine processes headed and gutted cod, saithe, haddock, hake and whiting with an overall length of 30-70 cm (=0,3×2,5 kg gutted and with head). Further development of the proved BAADER filleting system led to higher yield and a most reliable performance.

BAADER 184 is equipped with bone cutter and integrated skinning unit. A collarbone cutter can be attached as optional equipment. Only one operator high capacity, optimum product quality an increased yield are the new standards for economy.
Special design for smaller whitefish with an overall lenght of 25-55 cm (= 0,2-1,2 kg).

Operator requirements 1 person
Capacity 24-40 fish/min steplessly adjustable according to the size of fish.
Power Requirements 10 kW
Water consumtion approx. 25 l/min
Dimensions approx. 6,15×1,70×1,50 m
Seaworthy packing approx. 6,40×1,80×1,80 m
Weight net. approx. 2500 kg
With collarbone cutter net. approx. 2650 kg
Tare approx. 730 kg


  • The machine is dismantled, all parts usually subject to wear and tear are inspected, repaired and/or replaced if needed. Electrical installations and electrical parts are inspected and replaced if needed.
  • External surfaces are painted/varnished; the machine is not sandblasted.
  • The machine is put through a trial run with fish at Petur Larsen’s facilities before delivery.



The auction takes place online. We reserve the right to maintain a minimum bid. The Machines are sold to the highest bidder above the minimum price. The final cost does not include delivery, insurance, set up, or service. By placing a bid, you are giving Petur Larsen permission to contact you.



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