Auction: BAADER 176 – Flatfish Filleting Machine

BAADER 176 Flatfish Filleting Machine

This machine processes gutted, round and headed fish with an overall length of 27-55 cm.

It operates computer controlled and feeds electronically measured fish exactly to the tools for the tail and head cut.

Operator requirements 1 person
Capacity 25-65 fish/min.
Power Requirements 5 kW
Water consumtion approx. 10 l/min
Dimensions approx. 3,35 x 2,85 x 1,90 m
Weight net. approx. 2080 kg

LocationThe machine is placed in Denmark.  


  • The machine was renovated in 2017 and has only run 50-100 hours since then. 
  • Included is feeding conveyor, waste connveyor and a Steen skinner.



The auction takes place online. We reserve the right to maintain a minimum bid. The Machines are sold to the highest bidder above the minimum price. The final cost does not include delivery, insurance, set up, or service. After the auction has finished the winner will be contacted by the owner of the machine. By placing a bid, you are giving Petur Larsen permission to contact you.

Bidding day added: 21/10/2021
Bidding end date: 15/12/2021