Baader 201 – Filleting Machine


Filleting Machine

The BAADER 201 produces standard fillets from headed and gutted fish without collarbone. It is laid out for large fish and equipped with an ergonomically designed loading facility, scraping tools working on large surfaces and a special fish guidance assembly to achieve a particularly clean cut at high yield. Thanks to its compact design, the BAADER 201 is especially suitable for onboard use. It is possible to connect two BAADER skinning machines.

Operator requirements 1 person
Throughput rate 10, 18 or 20 fish/min (throughput rate of the machine up to 20 fish/min with a yield of 45 % of skinned fillet from pacific cod gutted head on)
Power consumption 4.5 kW
water consumption abt. 16 l/min
Dimensions abt. 4.70 x 1.67 x 1.45 m
Weight abt. 1,800 kg net and 2,230 kg gross

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