Baader 427 – V-Cut Heading Machine

V-Cut Heading Machine

Designed for being used directly in front of BAADER filleting machines and tuned to their throughput rate, this machine heads cod, saithe, haddock sea trout and salmon, bled or unbled, in a particular meat saving manner. The V-cut is performed directly behind the collar bone. Spikes holding the head, control flaps and a knife head controlled by the thickness of the fish always make for an optimal head cut. The BAADER 426 processes a size range from abt. 45 to 95 cm in total length. Fitted with an additional tail cutter, the version BAADER 427 is used for processing of tuna.

Operator requirements 1 person
Throughput rate as a function of the fish size tuned to the filleting machine
Power Consumption 2 kW
Max. water consumption 10 l/min
Dimensions approx. 1,75×1,00×1,95 m
Created for shipping approx. 2,17×1,37×2,18 m
Weight approx. 500 kg net
approx. 760 kg gross

SKU: 242 Product Type: Used Machines, Rental Machines Category: Brand: BaaderMachine Number: BA427-028

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