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Why not rent your BAADER machine and save the cost of investment?

Petur Larsen now offers you the opportunity to a rent fully renovated machines. All machines are maintained and controlled by our team of experts. We find the machine. We renovate it. You rent it. And we keep it running.

The rent includes full service of the machine by one of Petur Larsen’s service experts. Renting a BAADER machine gives you the chance to run a secure and effective production at a fixed monthly fee.

Rental Service is a unique opportunity to gain access to a high-quality BAADER machine, with low investment, low cost, high security and high effect.

If you, later on, decide to purchase the machine, the rental fees are refunded.*

*Minimum rental period: 3 months. Period of notice: 2 months. Rental payment: monthly prepayment. Refund of rent in the case of purchase: 60% of rental cost.
Low investment
Low cost
High security
High effect

Currently available rental machines

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  • Rental


The customer has a duty of maintenance, according to Petur Larsen’s regulations (checklist provided). If unexpected wear or lack of maintenance is determined during service, the customer will be informed of this as well as any costs related to repairs. To ensure that the machine safely returns in proper condition, Petur Larsen will collect a small security deposit upon rental.

Rental cost includes

Annual service. Spare parts for yearly service.

Rental cost does not include

Shipping costs of delivering and retrieval of the machine. Transport Insurance. Installation and start-up of the machine at the production facility. Daily spare and wear parts. Insurance of the machine during production. Travel expenses associated with service visits *

* If the rental duration is less than six months, service will be performed when the machine is returned to Petur Larsen pf.

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