• A BAADER 201 being renovated by Petur Larsen P/F

Only 50 machines or so were ever made. The first BAADER 201 was produced in the early 70s and most of the machines still in production are thriving and work hard every day, making their owners proud.
Our machine might be one of the last machines available for sale – seriously – and we have it in stock. Uni Nón, one of our senior BAADER service engineers, has been very thorough in overhauling this machine.


Our BAADER 201 first saw daylight in 1998, rolling out of the BAADER facilities in Lübeck, Germany. Since then, this machine has got 1.155 hours of experience under her belt. With the total renovation Uni and the rest of the crew has pulled off, this machine will keep on delivering for many more thousand hours.


The perfect BAADER trio

The BAADER 201 is a proud member of what we consider to be the perfect trio. It is a trinity of machines that any fish factory processing whitefish should have. These three machines are a knockout. They can handle almost any fish size you may stumble upon on a busy day at the harbour, with the trawlers laying side by side with longliners landing their fresh catch. You’ll be able to handle almost any range in size if you are lucky enough to have all three of these BAADER machines.

  • The BAADER 184 will handle the smaller catch from 0,5kg up to 3kg, delivering the finest fillets from any white fish.
  • The BAADER 189 eloquently handles the middle sized fish between 1,5 and 5kg.
  • The BAADER 201 is the big cousin and is capable of handling those bigger fishes from 5 kg to 12 kg.

BAADER 201 is in high demand

It goes without saying that this machine is in high demand. Now is the time to let us know if you need this excellent machine, that with ease can handle your bigger fishes. Give Hjalti a call +298 73 93 02. He is our sales manager and he is ready to answer any question you may have about the machine. Alternatively you can also send Hjalti an email on hjalti@pl.fo.

See more pictures of this BAADER 201 on our Flickr account