The renovation of a Baader 151 Machine for Red Fish, which was received by Petur Larsen pf in week 4, is progressing well. Roughly every spare part and motor has been disassembled and has been personally inspected by our skilled Baader Service Engineers. Every part that was necessary to change on the 2nd hand Baader 151 machine has been removed and a new part installed in its place.


In order to determine the working condition of the renovated machine, a internal test run is scheduled for week 10. After the test run, we will be able to determine whether it is necessary to work more on the machine before it is shipped to the customer in Germany.


When the completely overhaul of the second hand Baader 151 machine is delivered, one of our Baader Service Engineers will travel to Germany to install and test run the machine in the customer’s factory.


Browse through our gallery to see more images of the machine. Click here!


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Hjalti Lundsbjerg, head of sales on tel.: +298 739302 or email:




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