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Bone Separator

From pickbone trimming but also from other trimming with bones and skin which occur during the processing of fish, this machine separates boneless fish meat. The raw material fed to the machine is submitted to a brief pressing process between a flexible belt and a perforated drum so that the fibre structure of the fish meat remains intact. This meat can be processed to products of high quality.

The BAADER 601, which is the successor of the well-known BAADER 694, is the machine for small capacities. As regards the material flow, stability of the production process and a more comfortable operation, the design of this machine is completely new. The simple adjustment via a crank influences the percentage of the yield, and in conjunction with the selection of the perforated drum that is tuned to the raw material, a high product quality is achieved. It is possible to choose between hole diameters from 1 to 8 mm.

Operator requirements 1 person
Throughput rate up to abt. 800 kg raw product/h
Powerconsumption 3 kW
Dimensions abt. 0,90 x 0,80 x 1,23 m
Weight abt. 403 kg net

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