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Newsletter 29.06.2022

Upgrading filleting machines from Iceland   

Íslenskt Sjávarfang Ehf had difficulties fitting extensive overhauls of their machines into their busy day-to-day schedule. When conducting a thorough check of two Baader 189 filleting machines, Íslenskt Sjávarfang decided on shipping the machines to the Petur Larsen workshop for overhaul and upgrade them with cutting-edge technology while they were at it.   


Hannes Þór Jónsson, processing manager at Íslenskt Sjávarfang, was in a pickle. Two of their Baader 189 whitefish filleting machines needed an overhaul. The crew in charge of machine maintenance are also the machine operators – leaving close to no room for more significant renovations. The maintenance staff could see that the yield was below optimal level and asked Petur Larsen to come evaluate the machines’ condition.    


Upgrading while you’re at it   

The evaluation proved Íslenskt Sjávarfang’s suspicion. Both machines needed an overhaul, and with the extensive renovations, they decided it would be easier to ship the machines to the Petur Larsen facilities in the Faroe Islands.   

Rather than simply renovating or even replacing the machines, Íslenskt Sjávarfang chose to upgrade and optimize their machines with the latest equipment while taking the environment into consideration.  

– I highly recommend the solution to anyone looking to upgrade their fish processing without purchasing new machines. Making the most of your old equipment by adding cutting-edge technologies is also environmentally friendly, said Hannes Þór Jónsson, Processing Manager  


Make the most of your old equipment by adding cutting-edge technologies 

Íslenskt Sjávarfang decided on three additional retro-fit kits created by Petur Larsen that would improve yield, safety, and knowledge about the production. The solutions were:  

  • Opti-Trim – An adjustable belly knife set created especially for the Baader 189. The knives open mechanically each time the saddle passes through them, increasing the yield by up to 1,5% – in this industry, that can easily add a million to the company’s bottom line.   
  • Datakit – A digital solution for filleting machines and other production tools. It measures and limits electricity and water usage and tracks the size, weight, number of fish, fish type, run time, etc.   
  • Safety grid – When purchasing a filleting machine today, you’ll find the mechanics and knives of the machine hidden behind protective covers – but those produced before the mid-1990s, like the Baader 189, do not have the same safety measures. Petur Larsen designed metal safety grids to limit access to the machine during production.  


Purely mechanical machine, but with an edge  

With the upgrades, Íslenskt Sjávarfang now has a purely mechanical machine, but has increased yields thanks to the Opti-Trim belly knife set, gets daily information on the processed fish while saving on electricity and water usage, and lastly, a machine that is safer for the staff.     

– Petur Larsen’s renovated BAADER 189 machines are as good as brand new machines. Mechanical and electronic modifications have improved the machines’ performance and given us increased yield and better-looking filets. Additionally, we can extract valuable data from the machine with the data kit installed, said Hannes Þór Jónsson, Processing Manager  

After finishing the renovation and upgrade, Petur Larsen followed the machines back to Iceland, re-installed them at the facilities in Kópavogur, test-ran with fish, went over the newly installed updates and tips for easy future maintenance that better fits the time constraint of Íslenskt Sjávarfang’s staff. 


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Baader 189 Filleting Machine stripped
Filleted fish from Baader 189
Baader 189 renovated and upgraded
Fish filleted with Baader 189



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