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Tíðindaskriv 15.02.2022


Robert Andreasen appointed as head of Research & Development department

Petur Larsen has appointed 29-year old Robert Andreasen to take on the role to further speed up the R&D department, effective January 1, 2022.


In 2021 Petur Larsen established an R&D department to develop products and equipment for the fishing industry. Petur Larsen has already reaped the benefits of the R&D department from products such as the new whitefish filleting machine and Intelligence Kit, a digitalization system that gathers and registers data on production tools in the fishing industry.

Petur Larsen’s goal is to improve clients’ production and yield constantly and for more than 50 years they have done so in being a supplier of services and tools for the fishing industry. The R&D department is a natural step in Petur Larsen’s growth plan and was established to pave to way for new and exciting things for clients, the industry and last but not least the end-user.


 – Development is essential. For us, our clients, and the end-user. We’re constantly striving for new solutions that can improve the production and yield, says Rógvi Róin, CEO at Petur Larsen.


Knowledge and experience paves the way for innovation

Robert Andreasen started working at Petur Larsen in the spring of 2021. Being a mechanical engineer and with experience as a project manager at KM-Fish Machinery in Denmark, the R&D department was the perfect place for Robert. He administers all projects from start to finish and is in charge of selecting developing all upcoming R&D projects and does so in collaboration with employees, customers and collaborative partners at Petur Larsen.

– I am grateful for the trust and responsibility given to me. I’m excited and eager to get going on the projects. The R&D department has both the people and the tools to carry the projects across the finish line – and with great help from our Baader Engineers, who spend their days at our client’s facilities, we are fully equipped to select and develop the right solutions for our customers, says Robert Andreasen.

The projects for the upcoming year have been selected, and development has commenced. Programmers, technicians, electricians and smiths all work together on machine development, robot technology and other electrical solutions. With knowledge, an array of education, and experience the R&D department will spark innovation in the industry.


Baader knowledge is the reason

Baader machines and their maintenance are a core part of Petur Larsen’s identity. Experience and knowledge are the foundation of the company and those experiences are of course applied in the R&D department. With expertise and specialized knowledge, the Petur Larsen Baader engineers function as consultants to the department, where in addition to this technical knowledge on the machines, they have a solid and current knowledge of the wishes and challenges of the industry.

Let’s do better.


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